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Working principle of axial piston air motor

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Working principle of axial piston air motor:

  1. Pneumatic actuator that converts the pressure energy of compressed gas into mechanical energy and produces rotational motion in pneumatic transmission. The commonly used pneumatic motor is a volumetric air motor, which uses the volume change of the working chamber to perform work, and is divided into a blade type, a piston type and a gear type. The picture shows a schematic diagram of a vane air motor. The rotor is installed in the eccentric stator. The blades are installed in the radial slots of the rotor, and the bottom is equipped with a spring to divide the space between the stator and the rotor into many small air chambers
  2. When the compressed gas enters the air chamber from the inlet A, the rotor is driven to rotate, the exhaust gas is discharged from the exhaust port C, and the residual gas is discharged from the outlet B. The rotational speed of the vane air motor is 0 ~ 25000 rpm, the working pressure is 0.4 ~ 0.8 MPa, and the power is 0.6 ~ 18 kW. Stepless speed regulation can be achieved by changing the input flow. The directional control valve can control the positive and negative rotation of the air motor, the speed is fast, and it has overload protection characteristics
  3. Pneumatic motor can be used in places such as humidity, high temperature, explosion-proof, fire prevention, frequent starting, starting with load, frequent change of direction and stepless speed regulation. Various special tools can be made by attaching special tools to the blade-type air motor shaft. If the air motor is used as the main drive of the pneumatic power head, it can be used for drilling, countersinking, reaming, grinding and tapping. Dozens of pneumatic power heads can be arranged on the pneumatic combination machine tool for aircraft, automobile and instrument manufacturing at the same time.

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