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Pawafu supplies surgical masks, N95, P2 with valve masks, factory direct sales, qualification protection

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Pawafu nantong electric technology co., ltd. has 20 years of experience in the field of pneumatic manufacturing, with first-class automatic production equipment design standards, products sold at home and abroad, is an established enterprise in China.

First, medical disposable masks

Product introduction:

Surgical masks consist of at least three layers of non-woven fabric and masks. The lining has a tight skin texture, and the middle isolation filter layer helps to cut off the dust and provide double protection. The external antibacterial layer is a special material. This highly effective surgical mask is strong and hydrophobic with tiny virus aerosols or harmful dust. Filtration effect, significant effect, disposable, safe and reliable, without the risk of secondary infection.

Second, N95 mask

Product introduction:

N95 is the national respiratory apparatus certification level, certified by the national institute for occupational safety and health (NIOSH). This type of mask is called N95 because it can filter out more than 95% of non-oily particles at a specified gas flow rate (85L/min). Viruses do not normally exist alone in the air. But instead attach themselves to particles such as droplets, dust and dander. The filtering mechanism of the N95 mask is to block these fine particles through the high-performance filter layer in the mask, creating a protective barrier.


When wearing the respirator respirator with N95 respirator. It is necessary to pay attention to the tightness and keep close to the face, never leave a “convenient door” for viruses and bacteria.

Third, P2 with valve mask

Product introduction:

P2 valve respirator is a comfortable non-woven respirator. Equipped with exhalation valve, it can provide better breathing. It can effectively protect a variety of dust particles in construction, mining, foundry, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries. Suitable for wearing in high humidity and heat environment for a long time.

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