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Pawafu supply mask raw materials, manufacturers direct sales, qualifications sound

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Pawafu nantong electric technology co., ltd. has 20 years of experience in the field of pneumatic manufacturing, with first-class automatic production equipment design standards, products sold at home and abroad, is an established enterprise in China.

Medical masks generally have a three-layer (non-woven) structure. Two-layer spunbond non-woven fabric, specifically for medical and health care. And add a layer in the middle to filter 99.999% or higher nonwoven nonwoven fabric.

We supply one of the raw materials for masks – spun-bonded non-woven fabric.

Product introduction: We extrude and stretch the polymer to form continuous filaments. We then laid the filaments into a net. People then use bonding, thermal bonding, chemical bonding or mechanical strengthening methods to turn the web into a non-woven fabric.

Features: high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, uv resistance, high elongation. Stability and good air permeability, corrosion resistance, sound insulation, mothproof, non-toxic.

Application: the manufacture of medical mask

The second raw material of the mask supplied by our company is melt-blown non-woven fabric.

Product introduction: Melt-blown non-woven fabric is made of polypropylene material called high melt-finger fiber. It is a kind of ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth, which is the main material for virus filtering effect of the mask.

Product features: effective use of electrostatic adsorption virus dust, droplets.

Application: the manufacture of medical mask

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