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Pawafu develops flat mask machine, factory direct sales, sound qualification

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Pawaf nantong electric technology co., ltd. has 20 years of experience in the field of pneumatic manufacturing, with first-class automatic production equipment design standards, products sold at home and abroad, is an established enterprise in China.

Now we have developed a fully automatic mask production machine-plane mask machine.

Equipment parameters
  1. Brand: HONGXIN
  2. Product model: HX-FM001
  3. Output: 100-120 (pcs / min)
  4. Machine size: 6800 * 3600 * 1900 (mm)
  5. Equipment weight: 1780KG
  6. Body material: aluminum alloy
  7. Working voltage: 220V
  8. Working pressure: 6.2bar
  9. Total power: 11kW
  10. Control method: PLC
  11. Detection method: photoelectric detection
  12. Product qualification rate: 98%
  13. Brief description of the equipment: This equipment is a fully automatic mask production machine. From the production of the mask body to the welding of the earband, the welding of the nose line to the finished product, it is fully automated without any manual operation. It is suitable for the production of inner ear mask machine and outer ear mask machine. There is a sensor in each step of the equipment from the input to the output of the finished product. Once any abnormal or broken material occurs in one of the steps, the equipment will automatically alarm and stop. The display screen will prompt for the specific fault location, which does not require manual search and judgment, greatly improving the efficiency.

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