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Main structural components of pneumatic mixer

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The main structure of the pneumatic mixer: mixing shaft, installation and mounting, shaft seal.

Take a solid shaft or pipe and straighten it. We can use it for fine turning or grinding in high-speed environments to help customers choose the appropriate material. Design the best shaft diameter matching, and do polishing or lining treatment.

The flange surface of the mounting paste and the groove of the bucket is easily affected by liquid splashing and gas corrosion. The choice of material is the most important.

Shaft seal pressure vessels, reaction tanks, and toxic and foul odor containers must be isolated and airtight. Generally, they are mechanical shaft seals. Glan shaft seals, oil seals or special composite isolation equipment. Completely consider its applicable materials, cooling conditions during maintenance and operation.

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Main structure of pneumatic mixer:

Shaft bearing in water, coupling, stirring blade of mixer

When the mixer needs to run at high speed, we should place it in a deeper barrel. We have to consider using middle or bottom supports.

The coupling connects the drive shaft and the agitator for stable movement. It provides a sturdy CF-type flange-type shaft coupling. Which allows the agitator to be firmly and linearly combined with the agitator.

The light-weight agitation equipment and CO-type sleeve type are provided for select. In special applications, we  can design it as a special quick disassembly design.

The liquid mixing process of the pneumatic mixer frame generates severe dynamic loads. The stable movement and life of the pneumatic mixer depend on the supporting frame structure. Special models are provided for light load, medium load and heavy load.

All pneumatic mixer frames are precision machined to increase stable operation. The fully enclosed design fully protects accessories from environmental corrosion concerns.

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