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Internal structure and function of pneumatic hoist

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Internal structure and function of pneumatic hoist

pneumatic hoist

Overload protection:

When the working load of the pneumatic hoist exceeds the rated load, the overload protection stops the machine. To ensure the working life of the machine, automatic side failure.


High-precision wear-resistant sprocket ensures smooth lifting and lowering of the chain in the middle and long service life.
Planetary gear: Two-stage reduction mechanism controls the speed ratio accurately and effectively.

Pneumatic motor:

Low air consumption, low latitude protection. High torque, faster transfer speed.

Brake mechanism:

The forged brake disc effectively prevents the danger caused by sparks, and its sensitive and reliable brake ensures safe and reliable operation.


The internal muffler effectively reduces the noise value of the exhaust gas to less than 82 decibels.

Gas distribution valve:

Precise piston movement controls the amount of air in and out to achieve the internal adjustment function of stepless speed change.

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