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HXTBCD Pneumatic Mixer with Bucket Lid Type
HXTBCD Pneumatic Mixer with Bucket Lid Type
HXTBCD Pneumatic Mixer with Bucket Lid Type

HXTBCD Pneumatic Mixer with Bucket Lid Type

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·Applicable to mixing and dispersing of 20-50l barrels of paint, ink, cosmetics and other chemical liquid materials.


· Standard lifting height: 350mm above the ground when the impeller is raised (can be customized according to customer's barrel requirements).


·With stainless steel stamper cover to prevent impurities from entering the liquid material.The stamper lid is easy to clean and does not leave liquid material.


· With the diaphragm pump, it can pump the flowing liquid and transport the medium which is not easy to flow.


●Product Parameter

Pneumatic mixers are mainly used in industries with explosion-proof requirements, such as petroleum, chemical, paint, paint, woodworking, food, daily chemical and other inflammable, explosive, dust, heavy load, wet and other workplaces.
The maintenance and inspection of the mixer has a great influence on the service life and performance. In order to fully exert the performance, clean and dry compressed air must be used. The rust and moisture in the piping in the air compressor must be filtered and removed before use. Install filters or better triplets. Please use it under the air pressure range of 5-8kg/cm2. If the high pressure exceeds this pressure range, it will cause malfunction. If the pressure is insufficient, the performance will not be able to be exerted. In order to maintain stable performance, it must be supplied pneumatically. Tool oil, insufficient oil supply will cause the tool to heat up, causing wear, insufficient power, performance degradation, etc., greatly affecting tool life.