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How to use starter motor?

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How to use starter motor?

There are two types of air motors for starting diesel engines: plunger and vane. The blade motor is more widely used. It consists of rotor, stator, variable speed gear, safety clutch and starting gear. The stator and the front and rear gas distribution disks are fixed on the housing by positioning pins, and the rotor blades are freely placed outside the rotor axial slots, and the rotor group with blades rotates in the eccentric hole of the stator. The head of the rotor is equipped with a driving gear 18, which meshes with a passive gear 17, and its speed ratio is 17/37, which acts as a deceleration and increases torque. The drive shaft transmits the power to the gear through the friction clutch. 13.

The inner hole of the starting gear has a right thread and cooperates with the screw. The left section of the screw is a spline shaft, and the spline part is installed in the clutch spline hole. When the rotor rotates, it is immediately transmitted to the screw, and the pinion gear should be thrown from the rear end of the screw to the flywheel by inertial action, and meshed with the starting gear. After the diesel generator is started, the flywheel speed will be very high and it will be turned from passive to active, the starting should be thrown back and disengaged due to the inertial effect and the return spring 11. When compressed air is sent into the stator chamber from the air inlet, another part of high-pressure air enters the bottom of the blade through the air distribution holes on the front and rear air distribution discs, and the blade is held up so that the top of the blade and the inner wall of the disci seal. However, because the two sides of the blade are unbalanced, the blade will drive the rotor to rotate counterclockwise.

When the space between the two blades and the exhaust port are connected, the space in the space is rotated 180 ° from the exhaust hole to reload. You can change the direction of rotation of the pneumatic 2 motor.

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