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10 hp motor of the diesel engine

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10 hp motor of The diesel engine with a generator generates electricity and stores it in the battery. When the voltage reaches 11-12 volts, the power supply motor drives the diesel engine to start. After the diesel engine starts, it drives the generator to generate electricity. After generating electricity, storing electricity, consuming electricity, and then generating electricity, cyclic energy storage and continuous start.

The diesel engine drives the air pump to produce gas and store it in the gas tank. The pressure reaches 0.4 MPa or more to urge the gas motor to start the diesel engine. The pressure above 0.4 MPa is greater than the compression point of the diesel engine. 0.8 MPa), each start consumes about 0.1 MPa, after the diesel engine starts, it drives the air pump to replenish it to the gas tank within tens of seconds. After gas production, gas storage, and gas consumption, the gas is regenerated, and the energy is circulated and continuously started.

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