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1.5 hp stepper motor

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The TPS 1.5hp stepper motor uses the pneumatic action of the three internal pistons to rotate according to the switching sequence of the control valve, which can achieve 3 ° left / right accuracy. TPS can also provide hollow shaft and slender shaft to achieve linear motion. Due to its unique structure, TPS provides a very high degree of precision. The tolerance is always maintained at ± 9 ’angular minutes, regardless of the number of steps and revolutions.

Wide range of applications: regardless of dust, dirt or strong magnetic fields, pneumatic motors also provide reliable operation in extreme environments

The compact TPS stepper motor with self-locking power house is certainly impressive, with a diameter of only 52mm and a torque of 1.7Nm.

The TPS self-locking mechanism can maintain the correct position even in the event of a power failure. That means no step loss. This allows TPS to act as an absolute measurement system.

Simple control: just use 3 x 3 / 2-way valve to control; TPS can be easily integrated into PLC; complete program module Siemens S7-300 is available

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